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About Us

Advantages of railings from Railings Mass

Stylish design and presentable appearance. Ease of handling, daily maintenance and operation. Long service life. High anti-vandal characteristics and resistance to corrosion. Possibility of use in combination with wooden elements, glass or other metals.

Benefits of stainless steel railing

They do not require special maintenance, and to be more precise, they practically do not require maintenance at all. Railings do not need to be painted, polished or restored, the only care is to periodically wash them from dust and dirt.

High surface strength

Railings are difficult to damage, metal is stronger than wood, glass and other materials that are used for stair railings. The metal is resistant to scratches and abrasion, withstands more weight and operational loads.

Possibility of indoor and outdoor installation

High performance characteristics make it possible to mount the railing indoors, as well as outdoors, for example, for balconies and terraces. Stainless steel is the ideal material for pool railings and stairs. The railings installed by our craftsmen are of the highest quality and durability, and the prices for handrails and railings will delight you with value for money!

The assortment of our company consists of aluminum metal with a round and square configuration

  • metallic – it looks like natural metal
  • black – this is aluminum painted this color goes well with black interiors
  • dark wood – this is aluminum painted wood for your style
  • light wood – looks like natural wood for your design!

Our product can be installed both inside and outside!

Our products are always in stock and within two weeks it will be delivered and installed.

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